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Jen Viviant, Certified QHHT Level 2 Practitioner, NYC

QHHT Client


Vicky qhht client

Vicky - Bayport, NY

"Wow, what an amazing experience! I will definitely be doing this again."
Doria qhht client

Doria - Manhattan, NY

"Jen creates a very healing, non-judgmental, and safe space. She is extremely intuitive, patient, and kind. The most profound QHHT sessions I have had were with her."
Melissa QHHT client

Melissa - Rockford, NY

"Ok, I was nervous but trusted my instincts and went to see Jen...she immediately put me at ease, I felt comfortable and able to trust her. QHHT was a really great experience - like a cross between the best movie you've ever seen and a deeply restful nap."
Pedro QHHT client

Pedro A. - Bronx, NY

"Jen was awesome!"


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Jen ViViant

Passion | Excitement | Joy | Love

Jen Viviant Overcoming the pain of being "different"  helped her discover personal empowerment through healing childhood trauma and embracing what sets her apart. Jen is a Builder, a conscious creator of her reality, developing her spiritual gifts since 2003. She has a passion for learning about people and their backgrounds. Her understanding that each human is unique offers comfort to those who feel out of place. Jen is so thrilled she took the training for QHHT Practitioner Course to be able to serve others. In her preparation for Level 3, she never stops learning from the guidance of her Higher Self and the wisdom from her clients' sessions. Based in the New York City (NYC) area, Jen's office is in the Flatiron, Chelsea area. She also travels a lot to Michigan to visit family and practices from a beautiful metaphysical store there.


Lately, the three biggest inspirations that are informing my work and personal life on a daily basis are Dr. Joe Dispenza, whose meditations have somehow woven themselves into my life in the most organic and profound way. Dolores Cannon, whose top notch hypnosis technique has changed my career path and brought so much light into my soul, and Sacred Oils from Egypt, made by an incredible human, master sufi, and 5th generation expert of Ancient Egypt's spiritual oils, Gamal Abd'el, who I met at Cairo Egypt's premier Perfume Factory. You'll see some of the channeling below that has come about specifically because of those sacred oils.

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Jen Viviant QHHT Practitioner
channeling from jen's

higher consciousness

Receiving the messages from our emotions

A few months ago, with some nudges from my Higher Self, I incorporated channeling into morning meditation. It was really interesting to see how many messages came through! Here is a small sampling, which intends to be informative on its own, and a bonus for those of you who wish to channel: these are just a few of the many kinds of messages you can also receive when you are in communication with High Self. Anyone can do this, it only requires that you make a decision to do so. Enjoy!

June 8th, 2023 Opening channeling

ME: Hi, can we talk about emotions and how to help humans overcome them?

Higher Self: Emotions are ego shields. When a person has emotion it is for them a shield so their ego does not get exposed. It is training, from humans in many societies right now, to hide your ego and not let go of emotions. Why would you let go of something you think is protecting your ego? It is not a conscious act for the most part. It is due to the complicated way most humans have learned about their emotions. It was a distorted education, that is now being dismantled by some true saints in education. Those wonderful souls teaching the new kids, the rainbows you call them, those rainbow kids are so powerful that they also changed the way their teachers teach them. Those kids have the truth in them. You can access truth and knowing by being like them. Listen to them. Hear their interests. Hear why they have feelings. Hear what they care about. You will discover that the true teachers on the planet are this beautiful rainbow collection.

ME: Ok. So many adults have gone their whole lives without their emotions being validated. We need to provide some really helpful, step by step ideas for them. For some, they can understand how to watch a child and grow from what they see a child do. For many, it will not be possible due to the traumas holding them from curiosity and exploration. What can we do to get them to take that first step of exploring, of curiosity?

High Self: Be wise in who you seek advice from. You have all the answers within you.

ME: Ok. Help me break it down. I'm zooming to the end right now and need to see a clear beginning with some steps to help others.

High Self:

1.Identify the emotion.

When you have a reaction to something, anything ata all, there is some emotion there. Look closely at what the emotion is. Anger? Confusion? Surpise? Hurt? Fear?

2. Notice EXACTLY the moment when that emotion/reaction happened.

You may not notice it right away. For some of you, that core moment is buried under several layers. That is ok. You might go through several stages in this step, uncovering one by one what the layers of emotion are, and it is all very much worthwhile. In fact, it may even be better. Say you need to go through 3 levels of different reacitons (sort of like in a chain reaction event) to get to the final core of what it all started with. When you have identified all 4 of those levels, you are much closer to letting go of all four of them, all at the same time. And if another event happens in the future, you will be able to notice faster what the emotion reaction is, and you will be able to let go of the drama, the ego protecting itself, faster. Even if it's just 2 layers you go through, that is a success because you have made progress through self awareness. It is absolutely necessary to see and understand all the levels so that you may let them go. Take time and ask your self questions about it.

3. What questions to ask?

What are you learning from this? How can I learn from this? What does this have to do with my life right now?

There is ALWAYS a parttern you can find that shows relevance to your life right now, and you know what it is. Your emotion will lead you to it.

Channeling Higher Self
channeling from deep realms

channeling with Blue Lotus

June 20, 2023

Today I decided to do a meditation using the sacred oil, Blue Lotus, carefully cultivated and handcrafted near Cairo, Egypt, where I bought it directly from the supplier, Gamal Abd'el Sami Zaki, a Master Sufi and 5th generation sacred oil alchemist. His oils are 100% pure and of the highest grade. They have assisted me on numerous channeling sessions.

ME: What is a spiritual teacher/leader?

Higher Self: A spiritual teacher is someone who one or more people have chosen to learn ethical, moral, spiritual and otherwise virtuous lessons or knowledge from in an effort to improve themselves. A spiritual teacher attracts people who are at the right frequency or vibration for their messages and expertise. If a “student” raises in frequency beyond that of their teacher, the student may find another teacher to learn from, or become a teacher themselves.

There are all types of spiritual teachers, some more obvious to their society than others. A priest, pastor, guru, rabbi, or any other leader of religious practices is commonly accepted as a spiritual leader.

Less understood are the many teachers that exist inside other disciplines. Anyone can be a spiritual leader. An athletics coach, an orchestra conductor, a parent, a construction worker, or a grocery clerk could be a spiritual leader.

If you are on the spiritual path, you may recognize someone as a teacher, and when the time is right, you may recognize your teacher for that time. You may become aware of others who are teachers and for some reason they do not resonate with you. Perhaps they are someone whose message or style of getting it across is bothersome. That is because they are someone else's teacher. There is no need to judge what you see, only to observe and notice it. They mean you no harm.

Once your awareness has gotten to this point, it is important not to judge others. Trust the Universe, or God, or what you prefer to call the Divine Spirit of All Things.

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Blue Lotus Sacred Oil


June 1, 2023

Today I experienced the energy of the sacred oil, Carnation, carefully cultivated and handcrafted near Cairo, Egypt, where I bought it directly from the supplier, Gamal Abd'el Sami Zaki, a Master Sufi and 5th generation sacred oil alchemist. His oils are 100% pure and of the highest grade. Carnation oil corresponds to the 13th chakra (off the body!).

Today's channeling took me by complete surprise! Since these pure sacred oils have assisted me on numerous channeling sessions, I just went with it, and asked the first questions that came to mind.


High Self: Pyramids are activated through Human consciousness. Use of sound amplifies the connection to the star beings.

ME: Who are the star beings?

High Self: We are from everywhere. We have energized and activated so many of the places that are connected to the Earth. We are WE. We do not have a home place. You are from us. We all help one another.

ME: What can humans gain from our connection to you?

High Self: Your human ideas are pretty silly sometimes. We know with compassion and love that you have the rightest intentions when you ask what you will gain. We know you have good spirits. You can “gain” freedom, liberation from the emotional shell holding you from our love and protection and guidance. We are always doing those things, loving, protecting, guiding, but with your emotions blocking us we do not transmit. Open that channel through fleshing out all of your emotional trauma.

Yes, big task.

Yes, do everyday.

It's important and you will have enough.

No don't worry.

There is enough time and enough space for all things.

You will have the space and the time for this once you allow for it. At first you may need to put the time into your schedule for crying or for emoting otherwise, and you may need to have some time or money saved up for this? How? Schedule time for it. Save money, not a lot, just enough, so that when you need a day or a week to deeply, deeply connect, you with have it.

Best part – you can do this ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYHOW. You do not need some kind of “spa” day, or some fancy out of the way retreat or vacation or be away from family friends work people. You can do this anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Once you have connection, you have communication consciousness. This allows you to have capacity to help yourself through anything, to help those you love through anything, and to help those in close proximity through anything. Whatever you decide to focus on is yours, always. With Communication Consciousness, these capacities speed up and you help others connect to their consciousness.

ME: Thank you!

Who am I speaking with today, WE? Are you from particular places? Species?

Higher Self: We are God.

ME: Thank you God. Transmission done for now.

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Carnation Oil QHHT Session