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You will see a clear path forward with your life, have a greater sense of love and connection to others, and feel a sense of significance and certainty about your contribution to the world.

Let go of Pain

Any trauma from the past can be released: childhood trauma, past relationship trauma, pain trapped in the body, emotional baggage, and all type of disease have been relieved.

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Any and all questions are valid, even the ones that are out of this world! Metaphysical, Intergalactic, Ships, Guides, Spiritual Gifts, and beyond.


Jen Viviant, Certified QHHT Level 2 Practitioner


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Jen ViViant

Passion | Excitement | Joy | Love

Jen Viviant Overcoming the pain of being "different"  helped her discover personal empowerment through healing childhood trauma and embracing what sets her apart. Jen is a Builder, a conscious creator of her reality, developing her spiritual gifts since 2003. She has a passion for learning about people and their backgrounds. Her understanding that each human is unique offers comfort to those who feel out of place. Jen is so thrilled she took the training for QHHT Practitioner Course to be able to serve others. In her preparation for Level 3, she never stops learning from the guidance of her Higher Self and the wisdom from her clients' sessions. Based in the greater Oklahoma City Area, Jen's office is located in the beautiful Chautauqua Historic District of Norman. She also has a regular practice in the New York City (NYC) area.


Lately, the three biggest inspirations that are informing my work and personal life on a daily basis are Dr. Joe Dispenza, whose meditations have somehow woven themselves into my life in the most organic and profound way, Dr. Steven Greer, whose groundbreaking work with creating peace on the planet through contact of the 5th kind is some magical stuff, the stuff Nobel prizes are made in my humble opinion, and Sacred Oils from Egypt, made by an incredible human, master sufi, and 5th generation expert of Ancient Egypt's spiritual oils, Gamal Abd'el, who I met at Cairo Egypt's premier Perfume Factory. You'll see some of the channeling below that has come about specifically because of those sacred oils.

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Jen Viviant QHHT Practitioner